This project

combines several of my hobbies: food, cooking and software. I do this project in my free time, and as a labour of love. I'll never get rich from this, but it's fun and it keeps my skills sharp. Any money I do make from this project will probably be squandered on beer and silly t-shirts.

I'm more than happy to receive any questions or comments on

This project is the work of Marco Dörfliger. All rights reserved.

All food pictures on this site were cooked and photographed by me, and were all delicious. Honestly.

No dinners were burned in the making of this software.

Pavlova, proudly invented in NZ

Big thanks

are due to:
  • Eclipse Scout community for developing and supporting the application framework.
  • OpenShift for free cloud hosting (while I was getting started).
  • Cloudforge for free source code repository hosting.
  • Anyone who helped with testing.
  • Anyone who uses the site.
  • All those tolerant souls who have endured conversations about the project over the years.
  • Specifically, big ups to Nina, Barry and Riss. Cheers guys.

This site was built with Eclipse EE, JPA, and JSF/BootsFaces, and runs inside a TomEE container. If you like the look of the site and you'd like to learn how to make one like it, I threw together a tutorial to document my learning process, here.

No more tears