ConvergenceMenu is an ad-free, geeked-out, multi-lingual, convertible, user-submitted recipe library. It's like a regular recipe webiste, but it can do tricks.

It scales, it converts, it translates, it prints, it publishes.

While it's good for helping you put delicious food on your table, with advanced stuff like multi-day event planning and shopping list generation, it's also good for putting lots of food on many tables.

  • For the regular-joe human being who likes to cook, it's a free recipe website without ads.
  • For the meal-prepper, it's a recipe calculation tool and shopping list generator.
  • For the caterer or event planner, it's a fully commercial tool for managing the administrative nightmare challenges surrounding meal planning and logistics of cooking for large groups.

Whoever you are, it's a place to keep and share your best recipes, to find other recipes, and an easy way make attractive printouts, scaled to the number of mouths you have to feed, and in units you understand.

For details on how it works and what it can do for you, visit the Quick tour page.

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