Ivan liked to cook soup.

It was very a simple soup, made from a carrot, a potato and an onion. It filled him with energy and helped him work hard.

He liked his soup very much.

Ivan had a son, whose name was Goran. Ivan wanted to cook soup, but worried that because of Goran's voracious appetite that the soup would be too small for both of them.

He scrached his shiny, bald head and calculated that if he put in two carrots, two onions and two potatoes (or one big one and two small ones, which is pretty much the same thing) there would be enough to feed both of them.

Incredibly, he was correct. There was enough soup for both Ivan and Goran.

But then one day, word got out in the village about how tasty and nutritious Ivan's soup was, and the village chief said "Ivan, I have heard of your tasty and nutritious soup. Tomorrow, the whole village will come to dinner!"

Ivan again had to think hard, and after rubbing his shiny, bald head, an idea came to him! For every villager, he would need one carrot, one onion, and one potato (or two smalls ones, which is pretty much the same thing).

Ivan and Goran got straight to work, digging up the garden and collecting enough carrots, onions and potatoes. Once they had enough, the made a gigantic soup using all of the pots they had, including the milk-bucket.

By the time the village arrived, there was enough soup for everyone! Ivan and Goran became village heroes.

And that, is what Convergencemenu does: it makes you a village hero, just like Ivan and Goran!

Aw, choice! Muffins!

Free for the people

As my gift to the universe, the features useful to 'regular people' are free. This includes:

  • Add and update your own recipes.
  • Download and print recipe printouts, scaled to whatever portions you need.
  • Make your own recipe books, and make them accessible across the web.
  • Create groups and collaborate with others (or with everyone).
  • Connect via the ConvergenceMenu desktop application.

To get started, just sign up.

Example recipe printout
Example recipe printout

Paid for the pros

Aimed at medium-sized catering operations, the following licensed-only features are available:

  • Meal planning (combining recipes and sides)
  • Event planning (planning several meals over several days for differing expected turnouts)
  • Daily shopping list generation (.xls) incl. supplier info
  • Full printable event plan generation (.pdf), including meal plan and pre-scaled recipes.
  • Offline access via the sync-enabled ConvergenceMenu desktop application.
  • Ongoing support and software updates.

If this is interesting to you, get in touch to arrange a demo.

Example event plan
Example event plan
Example shopping list
Example shopping list


can be acquired by emailing me on marco@convergencemenu.com.

Should you happen to work for a non-profit or charitable organization (and can prove it), contact me. If your cause is worthy and my mood generous, I may gift your organisation a pro bono license.

Rabbit stew