The Kiwi classic (definitely invented in NZ). Sweet and light.

Suitable for gluten free and vegetarian diets.*

Takes 120 mins.

Makes 6 slices.

6 egg whites
2 cups castor sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence or vanilla sugar
1 Tbsp cornflour
1 Tbsp vinegar
200 ml cream whipped
2 kiwifruit sliced
1 bananas sliced

Preheat the oven to 110ºC. Separate the eggs. Beat for about 30 secs until it's a 'glossy froth'. Beat on high speed, and add the sugar gradually. It will become a thick paste after a while. Sift in the vanilla, cornflour and vinegar. Beat. Put baking paper down on the tray. Scoop the Pav mix into a big heap in the middle of the baking paper. Put it in the centre of the oven for about two hours. After two hours turn the oven off but don't open that door. It needs to cool slowly. Leave the Pav in there until it's cool. To serve, lather it with whipped cream and cover it with kiwifruit slices. Job well done.


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