Brie Brotchen

Makes 18 servings.

18 Half-baked buns
400 g brie Peeled
250 g mushrooms diced
250 ml cream
500 g beef mince
salt to taste
vegetable oil for frying
2 challots

Fry oniins in butter Add mince, and fry until brown Add salt and paprika to taste Add mushrooms and cook until they have released their water. Add brie and simmer, mixing occasionally until it has melted and mixed with the sauce. Add cream and simmer. Add salt to taste. Halve buns and scoop insides out with a spoon. Add scooped out bread to sauce and simmer some more. Fill each scooped-out bun half with the brie filling. Bake according to bun packet instructions, or until toasted.


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