Cheese Strudel

A baked desert, with rows of sweet, cream-cheese filled pastry.

Suitable for vegetarian diets.*

Takes 60 mins.

Makes 5 rolls.

10 sheets filo pastry sheets kora za štrudl, Klara or Clarum brand if you’re in Croatia
500 g cottage cheese
500 g sour cream
3 eggs 2-4 eggs - more egg will make it fluffier
4.5 Tbsp sugar 3 tbsp sugar per 2 eggs
400 ml milk

In one bowl, mix the eggs and the sugar. This bowl shall be henceforth referred to as the egg mix. In another bowl, mix the cottage cheese with 4 tbsp sugar. This bowl shall be henceforth known as the cheese mix. Pour half of the egg mix into the cheese mix and stir. Put three tbsp of sour cream into the cheese mix and stir. Put the remaining sour cream into the egg mix and stir. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Pour a little milk into the baking dish. This is to stop it from sticking, though experience has taught me that either a bit more milk or using baking paper would be a good idea next time. Clear a flat space and spread out the tea-towel. Unpack and carefully unroll the pastry, trying your very best not to damage it. You need to repeat the following steps: 1. Lay a single pastry sheet flat onto the tea-towel. 2. Spread 2 tbsp of egg mix across the pastry. 3. Lay a second pastry sheet on top of the first one. 4. Sprinkle some milk onto the pastry sheet. 5. Spread 4 tbsp of cheese mix in a line across the pastry sheet at the end nearest you. 6. Spread 4 tbsp of egg mix evenly across the rest of the pastry sheet. 7. Using the tablecloth as a rolling tool, loosely roll/fold the pastry sheet away from you to form a 5cm wide rolled-up strip. 8. Place the pastry into the oven tray with the edge facing down (without breaking it). 9. Tip: This is the most difficult part. The best way is to hold the edges of the pastry roll and flip it into the baking pan. Good luck. 10. Sprinkle a little milk on the pastry roll. 11. Repeat. :) Put whatever is left of the egg mix over your 5 beautiful cheese rolls (this will make a nice crusty thing). Bake at 200°C for 35-45min, until it’s not black. Tip: In Croatia you get 11 pastry sheets in a pack, so for the first pastry roll you can use 3 pastry sheets instead of two (because when you unpack the pastry, the first sheets are mostly wrinkled). dobar tek ;)) and have fun :)

Adapted from Petra for the recipe and Nina for corrections/translation/remembering.


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