Terms of Use

This software is a hobby project, and is provided as-is, without any guarantee or warranty explicit or implied. I offer no guarantees and accept no responsibility regarding the preservation or privacy of any uploaded data. By using this software you accept this risk. I (the author) reserve all rights to modify and distribute this software, and to amend the Terms and Conditions without warning.

You (the user) remain the owner of the data you enter to the system, and have the right to update and remove your data. The exception to this is when you submit entries to the public catalogue via the submission mechanism (ingredients, units, unit categories), after which they become 'public' and cannot be removed.

You agree to use this software only for the purpose it was intended (i.e. cooking), to be courteous to other users, to respect recipe 'ownership' of other users, and to act in good faith and without malice. Just be nice okay?

No liability will be accepted for damages, loss of life or any other unpleasantness resulting from use of this software. You accept that there will be bugs in the software, and accept accountability for your own cooking creations.

Breaches of these terms of service can result in cancellation or deletion of your account (I get to decide). These terms and conditions can change without notice.

Please double-check everything, and cook responsibly.