You've found the Convergence Menu website, and the launching pad to the Convergence Menu application.

It's about putting food on the table. Or rather, it's about putting lots of food on many tables. Convergence Menu is a planning tool for handling the administrative nightmare challenges which surround catering, event planning, and logistics.

For the home user, it also generates attractive pdfs of your favourite recipes, scaled to the number of mouths you have to feed. What's not to love?

For details on how it works and what it can do for you, visit the Quick tour page.

ConvergenceMenu 2.3.4 released!

New in 2.3.4: (...yeah, actually mostly just bug fixes from 2.3.3. :)

  • Fixed shopping list from showing private units and suppliers from other users
  • Fixed ingredients from being configured as a side dish when they are added to a recipe (again).
  • Fixed several issues where some ingredients were being excluded from reports, shopping lists and calculations
  • Integrated google analytics (helps me monitor web traffic)
  • Migrated TODOs to Trello board (still private, but ask if you want to contribute)

ConvergenceMenu 2.3.3 released!

New in 2.3.3:

  • Made section description multi-line
  • Defined reserved units "servings" and "pieces"
  • Improved cooking time recognition
  • Fixed uploading of recipe images on web
  • Implemented SSL encryption
  • Migrated to more serious web hosting
  • Removed image border from report
  • Enabled text-wrapping of notes (and ingredients) in report
  • Moved 'servings' from bottom of report to adjacent to 'cooking time' (right-aligned)
  • Fixed vertical space issue of preparation text
  • Added recipe descriptions
  • Ingredients are inexplicably being set to 'suitable for side'.
  • Renamed 'fresh' to perishable
  • Added descriptions to recipes

ConvergenceMenu 2.3.1 released!

New in 2.3.1:

  • UI improvements when adding ingredients
  • Recipe yield auto-estimation
  • Event flexibility improved
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Some new bugs.

Web site updated!

Site improvements:

  • 'My Recipes' page with HTML preview and pdf download
  • Public recipe book for shared recipes (with static URLs for linking and sharing)
  • Single login works for both the website and the ConvergenceMenu app.
  • Simple unit conversion tool converts between known units

ConvergenceMenu 2.2.0 released!

New in 2.2.0:

  • Recipe ingredient 'sections' let you break a recipe's ingredients into blocks, with descriptions.
  • Automatic unit conversion to 'most human readable' form, because you'd rather add 1 litre than 200 tsp.
  • Addition of 'sub-ingredients' for better searching and organising.
  • Drag-and-drop recipe ingredient (and section) reordering.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Some new bugs.
Carrot Cake
Here's one I prepared earlier