Free stuff

At face value, it looks like just another recipe website. But that's just scratching the surface. ConvergenceMenu really does a lot more than that.


Recipes can be scaled to whatever amount you need. Specify how much the recipe should create, and the ingredient amounts will be scaled proportionately.

The more you put in, the more you get out.

someone wise, probably.

Sharing and collaborating

ConvergenceMenu is also a recipe sharing platform and collaboration space. You can create private groups, and share recipes or works in progress with a closed circle of friends. Once you're ready to publish, simply share it to your recipe book and it will appear online.


With the ability to define all parts of the recipe (also ingredients) in multiple languages, it is possible to create recipes which have 100% accurate translations in several languages. This is especially great for traditional recipes, as you can write it in the language it was originally written.

No ads

I hate ads. I really do. And I won't have them here. I'd rather rely on donations.


None of this costs you anything. No time limits, no quotas. Just free. You're welcome.

Like what I'm doing? Want to support the project?

Buy Me A Beer

Your donations go towards the upkeep of the site, and you'll also get access to the advanced meal planning features.

Paid stuff

While the basic features of ConvergenceMenu are free, there are advance meal planning features which become useful when scaling up to truly large numbers of guests. As a regular user you won't ever need them (though you're welcome to try if you wish).

Meal prepping

Meal prepping is the art of bulk-preparing several days of meals in advance, and is a rewarding way to spend less and eat healthier, home-cooked food. (For more info, see Reddit's /r/MealPrepSunday subreddit.) ConvergenceMenu offers tools to support shopping list creation and bulk meal plans for supporting (donating) members.

Catering/event management

Large scale catering operations are where ConvergenceMenu really shines. With the ability to configure meal plans for multi-day events, you can generate:

  • Printable meal plans and menus.
  • Compact, to-the-point recipe instruction printouts.
  • Shopping lists, grouped by supplier and ordered by delivery day.
  • Calculation outlines to help predict usage of pantry stock, based on how many meals you're making.
  • Shows working, so you can independently verify recipe calculations.

Accessing advanced features


Advanced meal planning features are accessible for personal use on a donation basis. See below for details on how to 'buy me a coffee'.

Trial access

The first month is free to try, and it's a beer/coffee a month after that (in person, or virtually - or whatever). All you need to do is get in touch.

Free for non-profit orgs

Should you happen to want to use ConvergenceMenu for a non-profit or charitable organization (and can prove it), contact me. I'm generally happy to give away free access to good causes.


If you're interested in using ConvergenceMenu commercially, reach out and we'll talk.