Terms of Use

'You' means yourself, the user. 'I' means me, Marco Dörfliger, the owner and author. 'ConvergenceMenu' includes this website and the downloadable software I provide. 'Terms' means the Terms of Use, i.e. the rules laid out in this text.

By using ConvergenceMenu you accept the following Terms:

For food only

You agree to use ConvergenceMenu only for the purpose it was intended, which is food, cooking, and the culinary arts.

Be nice

You agree to be courteous to other users, to respect recipe copyright, and to act in good faith and without malice.

There will be bugs

You accept that there will be bugs in the software. You accept that there will be mistakes in the recipes. You accept full accountability for your own cooking creations. I accept no liability for damages, loss of life, or any other unpleasantness resulting from use of ConvergenceMenu or the recipes on it.

Your recipes belong to you

You remain the owner and copyright holder of Recipes (shared and unshared), and of 'private' data you enter into ConvergenceMenu. You retain the right to update and remove this data. However, data submitted to the public catalog (e.g. ingredients, units, etc.) becomes 'public', at which point you relinquish ownership/rights.

I have full access

You understand that administrators (that's me, or users I appoint) are able to view and download all data entered into the ConvergenceMenu database, including 'private' data (i.e. recipes which have not been shared, and entries with 'private' share level). Such access is necessary to enable and assist with debugging, testing, and enforcing the terms of use. Private data will never be modified without prior consultation, except when it grossly violates the terms of use.

There may be security flaws

While I've taken all the recommended steps, at the end of the day it's just me, a solo developer/one man band, vs the big bad web. I emplore you to use a unique password for this site. Should your login credentials fall into nefarious hands, the only things they should gain access to are your recipes. I do my best, but can ultimately offer no guarantees and accept no responsibility regarding the preservation or privacy of any uploaded data.

I update public data

The public catalog (the public list of ingredients, units, dietary flags, etc) needs from time to time to be maintained. Although care will be taken, by using the public catalog you accept that such maintenance can impact your recipes. (In such circumstances, just contact me and I'll try to fix it.)

I clean up periodically

To reduce clutter, from time to time I will deactivate and/or remove 'trial' accounts that are obviously dead, unused, and empty. Don't worry, I'll ask first.

There is no warranty

ConvergenceMenu is a hobby project, and is provided as-is, without any guarantee or warranty explicit or implied. If it breaks, it's broken (until I am able to fix it). Sorry.


I developed and own ConvergenceMenu, and reserve full rights to modify and distribute it. You agree not to make copies or share your login credentials. If you need something, please ask me. :)


Breaches of these terms of service can result in the cancellation or deletion of your account (I get to decide).

Things change

I reserve all rights to modify and distribute this software, and to amend the Terms without notice.

Please double-check everything, and cook responsibly.