What is ConvergenceMenu?

Excellent question! I'm glad you asked.

Yet another recipe website?

At first glance you'd think that. But it's not just a recipe website - in fact, under the hood it's more of a recipe sharing platform/collaboration space.

Of course you can put your recipes online, but why should you have to share your secrets with everyone? Perhaps you'd prefer to collaborate with your inner circle of foodies in a private, invitation-only group? Well you can.

A meal-prepping tool?

Meal prepping is the art of bulk-preparing several days of meals in advance. And for those with the courage and discipline to do it, it's pretty rewarding way to spend less and eat healthier, home-cooked food. (For more info, see Reddit's /r/MealPrepSunday subreddit.)

If straight-up scaling recipes online isn't enough, ConvergenceMenu's advanced (i.e. donation-based) features support meal prepping with event plans and shopping lists.

So yes, it does that, too.

Aw, choice! Muffins!

Catering/event management?

Large scale catering operations are where ConvergenceMenu really shines. With the ability to configure meal plans for multi-day events, you can use it to:

  • Create attractive printable meal plans and menus for your guests/FOH.
  • Create compact, succinct, whitespace-optimized, A4 landscaped recipe instructions for printing and hanging in the kitchen/BOH.
  • Create shopping lists, grouped by supplier, and including daily deliveries for perishables.
  • Predict usage of pantry stock, based on how many meals you're making.
  • Independently verify your own recipe calculations.

Desktop application? Offline?

Yes, the back-end system can be downloaded to run as a desktop application in two flavours:

  • Always-online, which remains connected to the central server. All changes are directly made online, but it feels much more like using a desktop application.
  • Offline-capable, while still able to operate online, can be switched offline and can operate fully disconnected from the internet. Data can be synchronized between your offline database and the online systems, so changes you make offline can be re-synced to the central server.

For now, the desktop applications are only readily available for 64-bit Windows operating systems. Please let me know if your system is different and I'll do a special build.

Okay, so what does it cost?

Right, so here's the deal. I've split the system up into three basic tiers, depending on who you are and what you need it for.


The basic features useful to 'regular people' are free. No I don't collect and sell your data, or make money off your back by plastering advertising everywhere. It's actually free. You're welcome. :)

If all you need is to be able to create online recipe books, share your recipes on the net, and possibly collaborate with friends in groups, then you'll never need to pay a dime.

Pretty sweet, eh?


For non-commercial use, the advanced features are available on a monthly donation basis. I'd suggest the price of a pint of beer at your local pub, but that's up to you. By donating you'll get access to:

  • Meal planning (recipes + sides).
  • Event planning (several meals for several guests over several days).
  • Event printouts (.pdf and excel), including meal plans and correctly scaled recipes.
  • Shopping list printouts (.xls) including supplier info and non-perishable pre-shopping.
  • Windows desktop application.

The first month is free, and it's beer a month after that (in person, or virtually - or whatever). All you need to do is get in touch.


For commercial/for-profit use, a commercial rate applies (under a subscription license).

Commercial licenses can be extended to include:

  • Offline use via the sync-enabled ConvergenceMenu desktop application (also non-Windows builds).
  • Custom-themed reports.
  • Recipe hosting services (also via your website).
  • Event planning, consultation and configuration services.
  • Prioritized support, feature requests, and software updates.
  • Whatever else your heart may desire.

The actual price will of course depend on your max group size, which services you need, and what level of support you need so get in touch and we'll chat.

By the way, should you happen to want to use ConvergenceMenu for a non-profit or charitable organization (and can prove it), contact me. I'm generally happy to give out free licenses to good causes.

Shut up and take my money!

Yeah, about that. Since I'm yet to set up an automated payment system, if you're wanting to send any money my way please email me on marco@convergencemenu.com and we'll hash out transfer details.

Marinated Rabbit