Cheesecake-White chocolate cherry cheesecake

Easy to make, with a nice combo of sweetness and mild sourness from sour cherries. Originally for a 20cm cake diameter, but turns out quite nicely on a larger diameter too (I think mine is 26cm)

Takes 30 mins.

Makes 20 cm.

100 g biscuits tea / butter biscuits
2 Tbsp sugar
70 g butter
500 g cream cheese can use cottage cheese instead
50 g white chocolate
250 ml whipping cream
40 g sugar
20 g vanilla sugar
10 g gelatine powder 2 tsp
200 ml sour cherry juice from compot, or dilute proper juce if using fresh or frozen cherries
100 g sour cherries from compot, depitted
2 Tbsp custard powder sift
3 Tbsp sugar

Tip: Layer the sides of the cake tin with a plastic-wrap, so that the cream doesn't stick to it. 1. Base: Finely grind the biscuits, mix them with sugar and melted butter, transfer to the cake tin and (using your fingers or a spatula) press the mixture to form an equally thick base 2. Cream: Mix the cheese with sugar and vanilla sugar. On the side, whip the whipping cream and combine with the cheesy mix. Melt the white chocolate (on steam or low heat or in a microwave oven) and add to the cream mix. Prepare the gelatine according to the instructions (usually written on the packaging), and stir into the cream. Spread the cream evenly on the base, and place into the fridge while you prepare the topping. 3. Topping: For sour cherry topping, mix the compot juice with sugar and whole (depitted) sour cherries. You can use frozen sour cherries or compot sour cherries; frozen ones have a more intense flavour. Stir on moderate heat. Once the sugar has melted,*sift* the vanilla pudding powder (instant custard powder for you people thinking that 'pudding' is a spunge cake :). It is important to sift the powder, otherwise you get clumps. Stir for a bit longer on moderate heat until it thickens, then set aside and let cool down for 10 mins or so. Then spread evenly on top of the cream, and leave in the fridge for a few hours. 4. Remove the sides of the cake tin and serve while receiving compliments. # I find the cake even more delicious the next day, because the base is better. # Original recipe found somewhere online, says it is available also on Honest Cooking


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