Forest mushrooms

Nice lunch from the forest (recipe originally by Marija Filipaj)

Takes 60 mins.

Makes 2 servings.

Previous-night preparation

Learn a bit about mushrooms, and go to a forest. These (honey fungus, Armillaria mellea) like to grow in oak-beech-hornbeam forests, especially around tree stumps. They grow in bushes. We used other members of the Armillaria genus too - they are all edible, but you need to blanche them first.

600 g mushrooms Honey fungus (Armillaria)
40 g butter
2 potatoes medium sized
50 g bacon
1 onions medium

1. Clean the honey fungi: slice the larger ones, and leave smaller ones whole. Pour boiling water over them, and throw the water away. Peal the potatoes and thinly slice them. 2. Heat the butter in a pan, and add mushrooms and potatoes. (In the original recipe, mushroom stems are not used. I used them, but then added them first to the pan, and added the rest of the mushrooms and potatoes some 10 minutes later). Leave on medium heat until mushrooms release substantial amount of water, and then add salt, put the lid on the pan, and simmer on low heat until potatoes go soft. 3. Meanwhile, use another frying pan to fry the cubedbacon and sliced onions, until they go glassy and slighlty yellow. 4. When the potatoes and mushrooms are done, add pepper, mix and transfer to a serving bowl, and then top it with fried bacon and onions. Serve with green lettuce(salad).


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