Komiža (Vis) pie (Komiška pogača)

Traditional savory pie (pita/pogača) from the town of Komiža on the island of Vis (Croatia). Pack it as a snack when you go hike around the island, or enjoy at home with a glass of wine. Viška pogača is the same with a bit less fish and more onion.

Suitable for vegetarian diets.*

Makes 12 servings.

Previous-night preparation

You can make salsa (šalša) in advance


for base and cover

750 g flour za dizana tijesta (mix soft and coarse)
10 ml milk warm / room temperature
1 tsp sugar to start yeast
30 g yeast fresh
salt pinch of
Main (Filling)
15 sardine, salted or anchovies; fillets
10 caper optional
900 ml Šalša see (separate) recipe

*Dough* You can buy dough at your local bakery or make it according to a recipe you normally use (regular pizza or pie or bread base dough will do). If you don't have a recipe - you do it like so: Pre-dough: heat a splash of milk (10 or so ml), add sugar, and crumple in the yeast. Set aside on a warm place away from draught and cover until it raises. In a large separate bowl, make a hole in the center of the flour and pour in the pre-dough mix. Knead dough, adding (luke warm) water. Set covered aside. *Šalša* Again, if you have a recipe for šalša, use that. Otherwise, use šalša recipe also in this cook book. It works better if šalša is room temperature or luke warm. *Assembly of pie* Divide the dough into 60:40 ratio. Larger part will be the bottom, and smaller part will serve to cover the top. Prepare the dish you will bake it in (sprinkle some flour on the tray). Roll the dough as thin as you can in the shape of the dish (we use usually the rectangular deep oven tray - škrovada :) You want the sides to be tall/big enough to stay stretched on the edges while you assemble the rest. Lay the šalša as the base. Apply generously. We usually use the whole amount. Then spread pieces of salty fish (sardine or anchovy) fillets. We tear them into smaller pieces by hand. Capers are optional. Roll the smaller dough into a top layer. Then roll edges like pancakes to close off the pie. Spread some olive oil on top. Pierce top layer with fork. Let it ret while the oven heats up to 200C. Put into the oven and bake for 45 minutes. Let it cool down and then slice and enjoy. Can be eaten cold too


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