Olti's Carbonara

Traditional carbonara recipe, as Olti makes it.

Makes 2 servings.

bavette or spaghetti
pancetta or 'guanciale'
onions optional
eggs fresh
black pepper
parmesan cheese 'Pecorino', grated

As always, good ingredients are the most of the secret. I think the most important is to get some good "pancetta" or "guanciale", at leats these are the italian names. I don't buy it packaged, but rather fresh from the butcher. Boil water, and when it boils add salt, and then add spaghetti. (It's good with Spaghetti pasta or Bavette. Bavette is really good, especially for Carbonara, and you can normally find them.) Then place some oil in a pan - I add also onions - and the pancetta. Spaghetti normally needs around 9-10 mins. Cook pancetta on low heat for around 5-7 mins. Then, when the spaghetti has finished, place in a container like for salt, put the pancetta over it, and break some fresh eggs on it. Consider that you should use one egg for each person, so if you cook for two, use two eggs. Remember, egg should be fresh. While mixing I always add some black pepper, and most important is 'Pecorino grattugiato'. Pecorino gratuggiato is like the well-known Parmiggiano which you usually add to pasta, but the Pecorino is a little bit different and it is a perfect combination for Carbonara. And do not forget a good glass of red wine.

Adapted from Olti's recipe


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