Basic, plain boiled rice, the way my mother taught me how to cook it

Suitable for vegetarian and gluten free diets.*

Takes 20 mins.

Makes 1 servings.

0.5 cups rice

Wash & drain rice several times in water, to reduce starchiness. Put in a pot and add fresh water until it's half the tip of your middle finger above the rice. (You can measure this by placing your thumb against your middle finger, as shown) Bring to the boil. Immediately reduce to a low simmer and cover. Cook for 10-15 mins, until you can smell cooked rice and all the water is evaporated. (If you peep under the cover, you should see holes in the rice where the vapour has escaped) Turn off the heat and leave (still covered) to steam another 3-5 mins. Fluff and serve! **TIP** If you burn the bottom of the rice, do not despair! Fill the sink with a few cms of cold water, and sit the pan in it. This will stop the burning and minimise the burnt flavour permeating the rest of the rice. Uncover the rice and use a spoon to take out the top, unburnt rice without mixing it with the burnt rice at the bottom. Have fun scrubbing the pan :p


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