Kate's Vegetarian Lasagne

Note: check lasagne and brown lentils amounts (must be dry-weight)

Suitable for vegetarian diets.*

Makes 5143 g.

250 g lasagne sheets
250 g brown lentils
2 g sage
2.5 g salt
500 g pumpkins
500 g kumera
25 g coconut oil
100 g green pepper
280 g onions
400 g cheddar cheese
Tomato sauce
1200 g canned tomatoes
200 g capsicums
120 g onions
6 g basil
10 g garlic
30 ml rice syrup
2.5 g salt
Cashew sauce
300 g cashew nuts
250 ml water
140 g onions
40 ml olive oil
5 g salt
15 g wholegrain mustard
5 g cornstarch

Boil lentils in water drain add salt n sage Slice pumpkin n kumera Roast with oil Add sliced capsicum to roast pan half Saute onion in oil make up tomato sauce n cashew sauce Check for spare veges you can use Layer with lasagna in roast pans bake slowly 40 min Top sometrays with cheese, leave onion out of some Tomato Sauce: ------------------------ Saute onion n garlic til clear Add rest bring to boil. make some onion n garlic free Cashew Sauce: ------------------------ Blend cashew and cold water. Saute onion add hot water salt, mustard and cashew blend. Mix and bring to boil. Mix cornstarch with a little water n add stirring heaps. Simmer till thickened. make some onion free if needed.


* Dietary flags are set by the recipe's author, and are not verified. Please double-check the ingredients yourself, especially if you have allergies.