Mum's Apple Crumble

My mum's apple crumble recipe. Simple and tasty. Can be made with quince, rubarb, blackberry and/or apple, and is best served with vanilla ice cream. Was apparently invented during the 1st world war when people couldn't get flour. Can be gluten-free if you can get gluten-free oats (sometimes it's mixed with barley).

Takes 60 mins.

Suitable for vegetarian diets.*

Makes 6 servings.

4 apples
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp butter
1.5 cups oats

Puree about 4 apples. Core & quarter (peel if desired). Put in a saucepan with half a cm of water (so it doesn't burn) and boil carefully till soft - take care to stir so they don't catch on the bottom. Carefully melt about 2 big tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons (about 50g) butter in a saucepan till barely melted. Mix in about 1.5-2 cups rolled oats. Spread the puree in a shallow cooking dish in a 2cm layer. Cover with a layer of the oat mixture and pat smooth (prevents the bits sticking up from getting burnt). Cook at 160C for about 30 mins or until the oat crust starts to go golden and the puree is heated through. Serve with whipped cream, ice cream or custard, as desired. Variations: * Quince crumble: use quinces and some honey instead of apple. * Rubarb crumble: as above with rubarb. * Blackberry & apple crumble: include a quantity of blackberries.


* Dietary flags are set by the recipe's author, and are not verified. Please double-check the ingredients yourself, especially if you have allergies.