Rice pudding (Vegan)

Suitable for gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan diets.*

Makes 2693 g.

2000 ml coconut cream
300 g arborio rice
25 ml vanilla essence
3 g nutmeg
10 g cardamon
150 g brown sugar
5 g cinnamon
200 g bananas

Cook rice with water in cooker- just under cook, so it will take up more moisture when baked Oil baking dishes and lay them 1/2 full with rice. Mix sugar, cardomin, nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkle over top of rice put coconut cream solids on top Pour liquid part and vanilla over rice Spread cut banana over mix. Allow a couple of hours for baking, adding more coconut milk if drying out too much.


* Dietary flags are set by the recipe's author, and are not verified. Please double-check the ingredients yourself, especially if you have allergies.